Friday, September 22, 2006

Less Than Eternal Love

Less Than Eternal Love

Sept. 22, 1907
Los Angeles

She was 34 and a successful businesswoman. He was a 19-year-old bellboy at the Hollenbeck Hotel.

Emma and George Lloyd were married and for a time were quite happy, with Emma running her milliner’s shop at 2132 Downey Ave., and George getting a job as a waiter in an Eastside restaurant.

But George’s high living and his drinking consumed all of his income and profits from the shop as well. Eventually, he left for Pasadena, where he got a job painting carriages, while Emma went bankrupt.

Ashamed of her martial and financial disasters, Emma sued for divorce.

Divorce, asked Judge Monroe? Of course not.

“This defendant knew the plaintiff could not support her when she married him,” Monroe said in The Times. “She never anticipated requiring him to support her, but apparently intended to support him. Now, when for other reasons, she desires legal separation from this man, she cannot properly make this claim of failure to provide. She went into the investment and she must abide by it.”

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