Sunday, September 10, 2006

Horoscope for the Day

Sept. 10, 1907
Los Angeles

A very uncertain day. No evil omens glare anywhere but in all aspects there lies a heavy veil, defying those who would peer into this day. Beware, therefore, of all and any unconsidered act. Promise nothing unless you comprehend clearly the full scope and limit of the pledge. Sign neither note nor contract this day without full security in your hand. Avoid speculative enterprises like the plague.

“A red flag flows wildly” this day. Take heed that neither spark nor flame be left carelessly in dangerous places. Do not retire tonight without guarding against fire with much more care than usual. A great fire is threatened for a large city on the Atlantic Coast this night.

An auspicious day for trying new baking recipes. Move furniture this day or alter interior arrangements of the house in other ways. Good luck is omened.

Those whose birth date this is may expect a fortunate year, but a lawsuit is threatened and can be escaped only by a complete avoidance of disputes during the next few months. Those in employ will be promoted.

The child born today must be trained so as to overcome all tendency to quickness of temper or insubordination. Otherwise it will be very unsuccessful in business and if a girl she will marry unhappily.

From The Times.

Born Sept. 10, 1907: Tala Birell, as seen in “Girls of the Big House” and “Curse of a Teenage Nazi.” Hmmm. Or was it 1908? Those movie stars and their ages!

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