Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Judge Wins Black Eye in Pasadena’s First Dog Show

June 7, 1907

After a hard day of judging Boston terriers, English bulldogs and foxhounds, John Bradshaw went to a local restaurant with two exhibitors, William J. Morris and James Ewins.

Over dinner, and apparently many drinks, Bradshaw told Ewins at great length what was wrong with his prize bulldog, Moston Barnone. Although Ewins had owned several great bulldogs, including one named Moston Monarch, he took Bradshaw’s remarks in stride.

After they left the restaurant, however, Bradshaw continued his lengthy critique, telling Morris exactly what was wrong with his setters. Morris defended his prize pets and the men began arguing.

“Bradshaw became indiscreet enough to let drive a hard right swing at Morris,” The Times said. “The latter ducked cleverly and encountered with a terrific right to the eye, which in the parlance of the pugs, immediately erected a substantial ‘roof’ over the optic.”

Ewins helped Bradshaw to his hotel, where they tried to reduce the swelling so that Bradshaw could see well enough to judge that night’s competition. However, he failed to return by 10 p.m. and the event was postponed until the next day.

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