Friday, March 10, 2006

Otis Chandler Tribute

These are audio files I made of the in-house memorial to Otis Chandler (at right with his 1937 V-12 Packard, originally owned by Bette Davis), conducted March 7, 2006. These are field recordings and the audio quality isn’t great. But I am offering them for their historic value. Tom Johnson, the moderator, spoke throughout the ceremony. Each segment lasts an hour.

Part 1:

Speakers are Jeff Johnson; Tom Johnson; Harry Chandler; Cathleen and Michael Chandler; Bill Thomas; Anthony Day; Paul Conrad; and Jean Sharley Taylor.

Part 2:

David Laventhol; Richard Schlossberg III; Francis O’Toole; William Niese; Shelby Coffey III; Bill Boyarsky; John Carroll; and Bettina Chandler.

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